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Tomorrow, Charlie needs to go a whole lot insane. I need somebody who can and would break down the barriers of reality for him--not even maliciously, even, perhaps. Just a trigger to send him over the edge and get this plot concluded.

Volunteers? *bats eyelashes*
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Only not quite, that's just a good line from one of my favorite books.

I'm going ahead with the "Charlie needs to get his timelines in order" plot that I've mentioned to a few people, and I'm looking for participants: to help or hinder, make things more difficult or help him find a solution.

What the basic idea is, is that Milliways-Charlie is caught between a reality where he died and stayed dead (the Purgatory plot back in January, where Bartleby removed him and Claire from the island and thus from linear time) and the reality where he was saved by Jack. It's fudging what we played then a little bit, but I think it's allowable.

Every time he's gone back to the island since January he hasn't interacted with any of the island's living residents: it's been either the people who've come with him or the spirits of the island, whoever/whatever they might be. What I need to do, then, is find a way for Charlie to go back again to the moment of death, relive the hanging, and be restored to canon-time.

Solving this will probably require magic of some kind, though at the moment I'm open to ideas of who and how. I want to have the plot resolved when Lost Season 2 premieres on September 21st, so there is a time constraint.

I'm also asking anyone who sleeps near or with him to notice he's restless, talking in his sleep, and having bad dreams; and that anyone who interacts with him, particualarly Losties except for Claire who's from the same timeline essentially, to notice that his memories are jumbled. He's always been a bit forgetful (because the mun is, and we can also blame the drugs) but it's only going to get worse.

So. Anyone who'd like to participate, please comment. Ideas are welcome. Madness is expected.
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Charlie and Faith come into his suite, arms around each other and still smooching and nuzzling. Guitarist sex is lovely. Slayer sex is lovely.

The two together? Quite lovely indeed.

[ooc: do I even need to say this? expect sex.]
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The suite is still a suite, though Charlie's been thinking about converting it back to a single room. But maybe he'll want a roommate . . .

Or have a room available for Seth while Charlie entertains elsewhere.

He hsuts the door behind Claire and smiles at her as he puts his guitar away. "Is he sleepy?"

[ooc: canon happens. adult content.]


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