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1. Charlie has had several blows to his confidence since Bartleby left, which was why he was talking about leaving. He still has a hard time believing anyone could really truly need him, but Darien's been pretty firm on that point so far.

2. That being said, he's completely lost any belief that Claire still wants him to be Seth's father. As far as he's concerned, she broke her promise that she'd never take Seth away from him and he's in no place to forgive her for that or even listen to reason about it.

3. GreenJack was so comforting when Charlie needed it that he's thinking about becoming Jack's follower. (Mun's head does a small esplody at that. That thread, though, was the most fun I've had with RPsterbation since the time Charlie wrote a song for Coraline.)

4. He's still working on making the distinction between being desired and being liked. That people like talking to him for the sake of talking to him--and not because he's famous or to score or to get high--is still a little bit of a novelty.

5. He thinks "New Messiah", the song he "wrote" for David, is the best thing he's ever written.

6. He hasn't thought about the new relationship with Darien too deeply yet. He likes being needed and desired but he's scared to call it love. He's telling himself it's too soon, they're still getting to know each other, and he knows what's coming in Darien's future so there's no point in getting too attached.

7. No one will be more surprised than him if he doesn't screw up with Darien. We'll see if he can break his patterns.

Questions? Comments? IC or OC are both swell.
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I was thinking about Charlie, as I often do, and his fatherhood issues, and it occured to me that Charlie is in many ways looking for a surrogate father of his own. Millicanon has it that his father was a right bastard, and Charlie wants, in his heart of hearts, a replacement of some kind.

And it ocurred to me as well how perfect a replacement father Locke almost is. Locke is a Driveshaft fan; he's patient, wise (or at least gives the impression of wisdom) and spiritual; he knows things, he teaches things, he provides.

While Millicanon says Pace senior scorned Charlie's talents, and was abusive and alcoholic and all the things that go along with it.

Hm. I'm not sre where I want to go with that. But it's certainly going to color the next scenes Charlie and Locke have together on the show for me.


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