Jun. 24th, 2006

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Outside, under the trees, there are chairs set up to face a small bower. The decorations are simple: white ribbons, white flowers, here and there a bow.

David takes his place beneath the bower. He carries no book, nothing to mark him as official other than a quiet authority and look of anticipation. The family members and guests take their seats, all but the two brothers: Kevin and Bobby on one side of David and Liam on the other.

There is no bridal march. Darien and Charlie walk down the aisle together, holding hands, and stand in front of David, both in new dark suits and aglow with joy.

David grins at them, with just a hint of fang. "Friends," he says once all the guests are seated again, "we have come together to solemnize and celebrate the union of Darien Fawkes and Charlie Pace. Darien and Charlie have been friends for a very long time: through madness, death, time rearranging itself and many, many sandwiches." He pauses at the chuckles, and Darien's grin grows even wider. "One thing has always been true about them, no matter what their relationship: they've always taken excellent care of each other.

"It's only fitting, then, that they've chosen to make this arrangement permanent: that they are saying to all of us, 'I will take care of you.' For that's what love is. Putting someone else before yourself.

"Darien, Charlie, do you have anything you wish to say to each other?"

Darien nods, bites his lip a moment, and grins at Charlie again. "A smart guy by the name of Addison once said 'A happy marriage has in it all the pleasures of friendships, all the enjoyment of sense and reason--and indeed all the sweets of life.' As far as I'm concerned, that's what I have to look forward to.

"Charlie. I. I love you so much. I've said this to you before but I want everybody to hear it: there are times when I'm not kissing you only because I'm too busy smiling. You're my sunshine. You keep me warm. Make my life bright. You give me laughter and music and all these things I never realized I didn't want to live without. I love you." He sniffles a little and then laughs. "Even though no one will ever think of me as macho again."

"No one did anyway," Bobby murmurs and Darien shoots him a mock-glare.

Charlie squeezes Darien's hands. "Darien. Dar. Baby. Here we are. I, um, I never thought I'd love anybody enough to make this promise--but you came along and kind of remade me. You made me into a new man. A better man. I don't believe in fate or soul mates or anything like that--but I do believe that you were sent to me because I needed you in my life." His voice is starting to shake, and Megan slips out of Karen's arms and goes to him to tug on his pant leg. He smiles down at her and touches her hair, and Liam picks her up and whispers that Charlie's not crying because he's sad.

Charlie takes a deep breath and looks back to Darien, who is waiting patiently, smiling. "Thank you," Charlie says. "Thank you for being everything I want and everything that I need and everything--just, everything you are."

Darien wipes the tears from Charlie's cheek and kisses him, and David says, "Be patient, we're getting there.

"Now, I think most of us know that what makes a marriage isn't this ceremony. It's what comes before and what comes after, the promises you make and the promises you keep. There are promises made between the two of you that only you will know. Given the lives you both lead outside Milliways--and even in it, sometimes--you'll need that faith in each other. Don't forget it. Hold onto it. Believe it.

"Love is real, my friends. And days like this you can reach out and touch it."

He takes a breath. "Darien Fawkes, do you promise to love Charles Pace until the day you die?"

"I will," Darien says quietly, his face serious but smiling.

"Good," David whispers to him. "Charles Pace, do you promise to love Darien Fawkes until the day you die?"

"I will," Charlie says, grinning like it's Christmas.

"By the power of these vows, of this day and this place, you are married. Kiss now."

They laugh. They kiss.


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