Nov. 24th, 2006

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Charlie was not raised with the tradition of Thanksgiving, but he's lived in American enough years to be accustomed to it. And any holiday with pie--he's there.

He's contemplative tonight, thinking about the last year. Days of depression so deep he could barely function--and then just when he felt most alone, most despairing, there was Darien, his friend, his playmate, and quite out of nowhere his love.

He's thankful for Darien.

When it seemed like he could never love another child--none would ever truly be his, they all would leave someday, or be taken away--Jack said, "I need you to look after my daughter." And so now he has Georgia, who wakes up smiling every morning and dances when he sings to her and holds his face and leans her forehead against his whenever he's feeling gloomy.

He's thankful for Georgia.

A few days ago Liam and Karen brought in their new daughter. She has the big blue Pace eyes and a quiet temperament. Her name is Charlotte, and while no one has said so in so many words, he knows her name is for him--remembering him in a world that believes he is dead.

He's thankful for Charlotte. For Liam and Karen and Megan.

It's been, he realizes, a very good year.

And he's thankful.

He's so thankful.


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